Noir Culinary Experience

Savor. Connect. Indulge.
The Covid-19 pandemic rendered large social gatherings in close proximity passé and unhealthy. Many Black-owned restaurants & eateries suffered because of it. Yet Noir Culinary Experience recognized that people still desire social interactions and human connection. We've imagined events with smaller more intimate groups – that allowed for social distance seating and mandatory mask wearing. Our dining experiences connect Black chefs, cooks & Black-owned restaurants with local foodies while indulging in the soul of Black culture. The mission is to broaden awareness of the Black culinary community.
Our 'all black everything' events are invitation only, extended only to guests sign up on the blacklist. Those that are ‘blacklisted’ receive an email invitation to purchase tickets. Guests then have 72-hours to purchase their tickets – based on space availability. A unique location (often outdoors or open-air) is  revealed 24-hours prior to the event. Guests bring their own table, chairs, tablecloths, plates, flatware & stemware.
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